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Cathodic Electrocoats 

First introduced in 1970s and since that time have set the standard for coatings that must provide superior corrosion resistance.

In addition, cathodic products can also provide excellent gloss and colour retention in exterior environments and can be used as primers or one coat final finishes for both interior and exterior applications.

In cathodic Electrocoating, the Ecoat has a negative charge, attracting the positively charged paint or lacquer particles. Cathodic Electrocoat applies a negative electrical charge to the metal part which attracts positively charged paint particles. Cathodic polarities can significantly reduce the amount of metal ions entering the cured paint film and improves the cathodic finish properties. Cathodic coatings are high-performance coatings with excellent corrosion resistance that can be formulated for interior and exterior durability.

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