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Alphaclad XL6000 is a high build/high performance, cathodic electrophoretic process.

This product is designed for the most demanding applications where exceptional chemical and acid resistance are required.

Alphaclad XL6000 has enhanced flow properties coupled with remarkable image clarity/reflectivity. It is a true non-yellowing coating even when cured at 180 degrees C.

Alphaclad XL6000 can be applied to solid brass and most electroplated substrates.



Main attributes of Alphaclad XL6000

  • High Build
  • Ultra high solvent resistance (in excess of 6000 acetone double rubs)
  • Ultra high acid resistance (passes continuous 50 minute, 20% formic acid exposure).
  • High gloss and enhanced flow properties. • Good wear resistance.
  • Excellent scratch resistance.
  • Good corrosion resistance.
  • Wide range of colours can be achieved using our integral dye range.