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About Our Sub Contract Division

Hawking Electrotechnology sub contract division offer a wide range of standard and bespoke decorative and performance finishes meeting the most demanding requirements. Our sub contract division is able to paint any metal substrate from castings and pressings to small component parts. Numerous colours and finishes are available using a wide range of high performance polymer coatings. Alternatively advanced processes can be applied where greater corrosion and wear resistance is required.  We differ from most other sub-contract finishing companies as our manufacturing division manufactures and exports Ecoating worldwide so we have access to the latest and most up to date technologies and finishes available.

Our process has a number of advantages over conventional paint spraying and powder coating:

1. The process applies coatings with a very uniform coating thickness without porosity.
2. High “throwing power" so complex components and parts can easily be coated, inside cavities and on outside surfaces.
3. Consistent, controllable film thickness, even on sharp edges and in awkward recesses
4. Precision film build and thickness coating with smooth films - no runs or sags.
5. Water based process significantly more environmentally friendly than most other painting technologies.
6. Range of Low temperature/time stoving schedules for temperature sensitive metals and die castings

Decorative Clears. The decorative-metal-finishing market has traditionally used spray and dip lacquer to achieve decorative clear finishes. Our new systems is designed to replace traditional methods provide higher transfer efficiency, reduced manual handling and fewer rejects. The products are formulated for application over a wide range of substrates, including plated gold, silver nickel, and brass, as well as copper, brass aluminium and steel base metals. Typical applications range from small components (cigarette lighters and jewelry) to larger household items (furniture and lighting fixtures).

Decorative Colours. Vibrant colours can now be achieved using decorative resins combined with specialty pigments. The unique pigment formulations allow for transparent colours which truly enhance the finished substrate. The colours can be used throughout the gloss range, high full through satin or matt. The satin matt finish can resemble typical anodized finishes. The ability to replicate an anodized appearance makes our Electrocoat an attractive replacement for anodizing. Applications include automotive aftermarket, decorative, sporting equipment, and lighting industry

Some Markets, Typical Parts and Components

1. Any small metal component or decorative plated objects
2. Door hardware
3. Handles
4. Locks
5. Frames
6. Hand tools
7. Costume jewellery
8. Automotive parts
9. Bicycle parts
10. Bike parts
11. Radiators heat exchangers
12. Extrusions
13. Electronic parts
14. Cameras
15. Phones

Customer Service is our Priority.

Competitive price, consistent quality and quick turnaround are the key factors. From the original enquiry we will discuss the requirements to develop the best economic finishing process for customers’ components. Attention to detail is paramount in order to ensure customers get the finish they require. This may involve quickly processing test samples until the right finish is achieved.
We can also offer final product assembly and packaging, and direct shipment to reduce your customer's cost base without compromising Quality and Service.
If you are unsure about what treatment is most suitable for your product or if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact our highly experienced technical staff.

Unique Finishing Solutions