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Our Electrophoretic Process


satin bronze handleElectrophoretic coating has been widely used for many years in the automotive and architectural ironmongery sectors, in which it is taken for granted as a highly effective protective and decorative finishing process.

Electrophoretic coating or Electrophoretic lacquer offers many advantages over electroplating, anodising, conventional paint and powder coating



  •     Environmentally friendly process,
  •     Requires relatively simple and low-cost application equipment
  •     Provides a long-life, wear-resistant surface finish
  •     Water-based process, which is stable and easy to control
  •     Uses low voltages and current
  •     Can create a wide variety of special effects and colours
  •     Allows high volume production from small sized plant

Why Do People Use Our Electrophoretic Electrocoat Products? 

Finishers choose our process to provide their products with a durable, lasting coating. Our E-coats can be used as a primer, top coat or both, and also combined with other types of conventional coatings, the versatility is endless.

Productivity and Operational Cost Savings

  • High Material Transfer Efficiencies (90% +)
  • Low Application Costs
  • Precise Film Thickness and Build Control
  • Automated Processing - Reduced Workforce Requirements
  • System Automation
  • High Capacity Load Racking
  • High Throughput, Low Workforce Needs

Performance and Quality

  • 100% Coverage of Complex Parts and Components
  • Uniform Film Thickness Build
  • Benchmark Corrosion Protection
  • Superior Edge Coverage
  • One or Two-Coat Applications to Boost Performance
  • Product and Process Consistency
  • Compatible with Other Coating Technologies

Environmental Advantages

  • Low to No HAPs Formulations Available
  • Ultralow VOC Formulations Available
  • Heavy Metal-Free Formulations Available
  • Closed Loop Systems for Minimal Waste Discharge
  • OSHA Compliance
  • EPA Compliance