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Electrophoretic Products

We provide a wide range of Electrophoretic coatings for high performance protection and decorative finish to a diverse range of products and parts. Our products are used to give exceptional appearance with enhanced chemical and wear resistance on parts manufactured by many industries throughout the world.

Often used on to improve bright metals or electroplated substrates and offer realistically simulated coloured metals e.g. bronze, brass, copper, stainless steel, pewter  or gold
They can be supplied as water white clear, yellow tint, coloured transparent or solid coloured opaque.

Our Specialist Range Include

  • PTFE Ecoat
  • Organo-ceramic Nano composites
  • UV (Ultra-Violet) cured decorative and protective coatings
  • IR (Infra-Red) cured decorative and protective coatings
  • Electrophoretic barrelling
  • Pearlescent and satin finishes offering alternatives to satin nickel and satin chrome
  • Electrophoretic applied dry film engineering lubricants with improved performance
  • A unique range of photo image electrophoretic coatings