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Alphaclad Chromiseal

A major development of the Hawking Advanced Electrocoat systems.  Alphaclad Chromiseal offers superior corrosion resistance when applied to trivalent or hexavalent chrome plating. During the chromiseal application an intimate chemical bond between the chromiseal and the chrome is created. This greatly enhances the adhesion to the plated layer The optically transparent nature of the Chromiseal process preserves the highly reflective appearance of the chrome. Utilizing the chrome plating and chromiseal in synergy will drastically increase the life of the plated part.

Its special features are -

• Excellent hardness and scratch resistance
• Superior chemical / acid resistance
• Non-yellowing system
• Outstanding enhancement of corrosion protection over trivalent and hexavalent chromium plating
• Excellent clarity and flow  


• Trivalent and hexavalent chromium plated components
• Stainless steel parts • Gold plated articles eg., jewelery
• Aluminium profiles (internal and architectural)
• Nickel plated items • Magnesium and titanium alloys

N.B. It should be noted that brass (and brass plated) and silver substrates are not suitable