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Hawking Post Dyes


Hawking Post Dyes provide an easy way of converting a standard clear Ecoat coating to a tinted coating. The range contains dyes to simulate a range of finishes, including, brass, copper, gold and bronze. They work with a range of the Hawking Electrophoretic lacquer products and some competitor Ecoat lacquers. Please contact our technical department for more details

hawking lionsProduct Range

• PD100 Yellow Post Dye
• PD120 Copper Post Dye
• PD150 Gold Post Dye
• PD160 Brass Post Dye
• PD200 Red Post Dye
• PD300 Fire Red Post Dye
• PD400 Bronze Post Dye
• PD500 Blue Post Dye
• PD600 Black Post Dye
• DC900 Conditioner Additive
• WA500 Wetting Additive

Supply Form Liquid Dye 3 X Concentrate