The Alphaclad AN coating system can be applied to a multitude of metal substrates and offers outstanding solvent and perspiration resistance.

It can be deposited at low to high film thicknesses, maintaining exceptional flow and image clarity. It closely conforms to the contours of complex items and its high throw capabilities ensure an even film thickness even in recessed areas.


During the anodic deposition process oxygen and acidic conditions are formed at the anode surface. This will degrade many metals, and so limits the application of anodic systems.

Certain metals, most notably aluminium, positively benefit from the formation of an adhesion promoting oxide layer between the metal substrate and the deposited coating. This condition enhances adhesion, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance for many demanding applications.

Main Features

  • Complete uniform coverage of the substrate
  • High levels of resistance to solvent, perspiration, corrosion and UV light
  • Controlled consistent thickness and gloss level
  • Exceptional chemical and wear resistance
  • Complex shapes easily coated
  • High performance hardness and abrasion properties