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With over 90 years combined experience, Hawking offers an unrivalled metal finishing service to manufacturers with complete focus on electrophoretic applications.

We occupy a unique position in the UK as the only company that develops, manufacturers and expertly applies its coatings onto potentially any conductive surface.

Being water based, our technology fully embraces the aspiration of being environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Our in-house laboratory facility is fully equipped to take a project from inception to completion.



During the electrodeposition process the organic polymer builds up on the component, thereby increasing film resistance. This effect is self-limiting and controllable by means of a number of parameters including; voltage, time, temperature and concentration of the solution. In this way it is possible to achieve exceptional maintenance of engineering tolerances by controlled coating thickness.

Electroplating processes by their very nature are extremely polluting to the environment. Toxic metals such as nickel, chromium and cadmium etc. are extensively employed throughout the surface finishing industry simply because until now they have been irreplaceable. Through the utilization of our low VOC, water-based electrophoretic coating technology, we are able to produce an enormous range of coloured, high gloss and satin effects directly onto a wide variety of base metal substrates.

Using numerous surface preparation techniques such as bead blasting, vibratory finishing, polishing and linishing it is possible to achieve some quite stunning finishes.




Abrasion resistant coatings

We are able to offer ultra-high scratch/abrasion resistant coatings utilizing ground breaking nano-ceramic and surface modification technology.

PTFE containing coatings

By varying the degree of PTFE incorporation into our coating systems we can offer friction and torque control for specialist engineering applications.

Matt effects

Satin nickel and satin chrome simulations are possible directly onto base metal substrates such as zinc and aluminium die castings without the need for environmentally polluting plating processes.

Fashion finishes

Previously unattainable effects are now possible using the latest metallic and graphite effects pigments.

Anti-bacterial finishes

Through the incorporation of nano-dispersed biocides, long term protection can be afforded to components utilized in hospitals, schools etc.

Highly corrosion resistant finishes

It is possible to achieve outstanding long term corrosion protection on aluminium by optimized processing.




A one stop, e-coating shop.

Our technical advice and expertise is at your disposal completely free of obligation. We will employ our considerable experience to ensure that the optimum finish is chosen for your required application.


  • Manual polishing
  • Brush finishing
  • Linishing

Pre treatment

  • Phosphating
  • Electrolytic cleaning
  • Ultrasonic degreasing

Clear electrophoretic coating – A range of clear electrophoretic coatings are available depending on the specific performance criteria.

Custom design – Our extensive in house laboratory facility is perfectly equipped to achieve unrivalled aesthetic effects.

Physical and environmental testing – We have a wide range of laboratory testing equipment to verify suitability of application.